Let us design, create and manage your email marketing campaigns, ensuring they are executed on time and to the highest standards!

Email marketing campaigns should form a vital part of your overall marketing strategy as it strengthens relationships and provides a strong ROI.

Promoting products and services by email is one of the best customer relationship and customer acquisition tools available as it allows marketers to communicate messages quickly safely and accurately.

To become an email marketer, you need knowledge and an email marketing platform that will help you execute the very best in strategy, design, automation, deliverability and results!

Daunted? Then don’t be… as outsourcing your email marketing campaigns is a quick and effective solution if you don’t have the time, knowledge or resource to manage campaigns in-house.

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What Does OnboardMail Offer You?

OnboardMail - Benefits - Sub Domain & Authentication
Mailing Reputation Protection
To help you build up a good sending reputation we fully manage and authenticate a signed sub domain which shows ISP’s that you are a serious and responsible bulk e-mailer, whilst increasing the number of emails being delivered.
OnboardMail - Benefits - Subscriber Management
Subscriber Management
We can help develop your target audience & viewer interaction by using custom-data options & group filters. This contributes to the growth of your sales, generation of leads, promotion of products or services & boosts your website traffic.
OnboardMail - Benefits - Custom Email Design
Custom-built Email Design
Email clients interprets HTML code differently, so it’s crucial your email uses the best design practice. We will create a bespoke responsive email design, giving the recipient confidence in the email and in-turn maximising their engagement.
OnboardMail - Benefits - Email Spam Checker
Increased Delivery
Your email campaign will be tested against our spam check feature and all major email clients before each send. This ensures it is fully tested to avoid any potential delivery problems and if there are any design-rendering adjustments required.
OnboardMail - Benefits - Campaign Reporting
Flexible Campaign Reporting
Every campaign is instantly tracked & monitored with real-time results on what has happened, e.g. confirmed delivery, timed opens, click throughs, soft & hard bounces, automated unsubscribes PLUS printed & send to friend statistics.
OnboardMail - Benefits - Automatic Opt Out
Recipient Automatic Opt-Out
We provide our own simple automatic one-click unsubscribe preferences for recipients, so they can opt-out from each or all future email communications. We also provide a report-as-spam link so we can monitor and uphold each request.
OnboardMail - Benefits - Website Campaigns
Website Campaign Analytics
Interactive web analytics will follow your active reader, tracking the clicked link from the email campaign to your website creating a tracking-flow, this shows you exactly how well your email campaign has worked and whether it led to any sales!
OnboardMail - Benefits - Spam Compliance
Spam Compliance
Any unauthenticated email, no matter how legitimate the content is, runs the risk of ending up in someone’s spam folder. With various spam compliance methods, we minimise the risks by using a compulsory footer which is clear & subscriber friendly.

What Does The OnboardMail Team Do For You?

We provide you with the complete support and management, allowing you to benefit from our knowledge and expertise to get the maximum return from your email campaigns.

Managed Services

  • Account Creation
    We setup and fully manage your authenticated & signed sub domain, ensuring that any complaints are managed & processed correctly.
  • Contact List Management
    Your contact list/s are checked & uploaded ready for sending. If required, custom data fields and group filters can be created too.
  • Custom-made Email Designs
    We create beautiful email designs according to a brief supplied by you, alternatively we can re-create your existing template.
  • Campaign Trials & Improvements
    Emails are tested against spam filters, display testing in all major email clients and optimised according to industry standards.
  • Pre-launch Approval
    Campaign previews will be sent to all associates for approval, any changes will be applied accordingly and re-sent for approval.
  • Scheduled Deployment
    Once approved, your campaign can be scheduled at a time specified by you or the best time for your industry.
  • Full Statistical Debrief
    LIVE detailed analysis including a summary of active recipients plus many other interactions to help you target and improve for the future.
  • Integrated Web Form
    Creation of a subscriber sign-up form for integration within your website, any new subscribers are automatically added to your list/s.

Key Benefits

  • Save time and resources
    Like a member of your team, while we manage your email campaign you can concentrate on running your business.
  • Knowledge in compliance
    We take being compliant seriously, our comprehensive protection methods ensure both subscribers and users are safeguarded.
  • Maximised delivery
    Once created, your email campaigns will be spam checked to engage & increase interactions, for both HTML & plain text versions.
  • Fluid responsive email designs
    Be confident knowing your email designs will be optimised and fully compatible with all desktop, mobile and web-based email clients.
  • Delivered results
    Each campaign is tracked and monitored for timed opens, clicks, forwards, soft & hard bounces plus automated unsubscribes.
  • Newsletter sign-ups
    Generate leads directly from your website, we supply the coding for website integration and auto-subscription management.
  • Subscriber management
    Improve your target audience & customer interaction with custom field options, list segmentation, auto-responders & triggers.
  • Automatic cleansing
    Your contact lists are constantly updated via our automated one click unsubscribe and active bounce handling features.

What Does OnboardMail Need From You?

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Your Guidelines & Branding

Send us your business branding guidelines and creative brief. If you have any specific requirements for your email design then let us know so we can incorporate them in to the design.

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Your Current Contact Lists

Supply us with all your current contact lists in an Excel spreadsheet. If you require any custom data fields and group filters then now is the time to to let us know.

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Your Campaign Content

Once your bespoke email template has been created, just simply send us your desired content & imagery in a Word document as and when an email campaign is due.

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Your Campaign Approval

When you receive the campaign preview of the design, simply double check everything and then inform us of any amendments which you may require.

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